ORPHAN. austria. central europe. noise.

SHOWS. upcoming. past.

01/08/14 (at) KLAGENFURT chili bar
31/07/14 (at) KREMSMÜNSTER mukuku w/ no omega, this routine is hell
30/07/14 (at) VIENNA venster99 w/ no omega, this routine is hell
19/06/14 (at) VIENNA DasBach w/ full of hell, d.o.c.
07/06/14 (at) LINZ Ann&Pat w/ facing the swarm thought
08/05/14 (at) GRAZ sub w/ nine eleven, life crime
06/04/14 (at) KREMSMÜNSTER mukuku w/ the k, ilydaen
25/03/14 (at) VIENNA venster99 w/ the gentle art of chokin’, strafplanet
16/03/14 (at) SALZBURG shakespeare w/ alaskan, 00y 18, lichtung
22/02/14 (at) LINZ ann&pat w/ ruined nation, die:cut
11/01/14 (slo) KRIZEVCI yolo place w/ road to manila, broadcast
10/01/14 (at) LANGENZERSDORF jahnhalle w/ stillborn


27/12/13 (at) MICHELDORF disturbance bar w/ franz strosuk, between the lines, the last revolt
12/10/13 (at) LINZ kapu w/ downfall of gaia, withers
08/10/13 (at) VIENNA venster99 w/ homewrecker, calm the fire, stillborn
16/09/13 (at) GRAZ sub w/ hessian, franz strosuk
10/08/13 (at) FREISTADT salzhof w/ together in silence, in this chest
05/08/13 (at) VIENNA viper room w/ circle takes the square, code orange kids, full of hell, sail this ship alone
29/07/13 (at) KREMSMÜNSTER mukuku w/ red apollo, withers
03/07/13 (at) VIENNA arena w/ retox, zeus!
04/05/13 (at) LINZ cembran keller w/ unavoidable


PENANCE wipe the sleep out of my eyes and fade the dreams i tried to live, i’m gazing at this hourglass, to watch my future passing by. like quicksand feels the ground i walk, and torrid is the wind that soakes my battered soul, my shattered heart, i lived a lie uncompromised.